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Mixerless System®


The Unique Mixerless System®

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   Our objective Hygiene
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DUCALE take pride in the quality of beverages delivered by their machines. Coffee courses through our veins,we have been building traditionalcommercial espresso coffee machines for bars and restaurants since the 1950s.  We believe in craftsmanship and putting the customer first.

 In 1998 we began the development of the ambitious Mixerless System ® project. The design brief was to serve beverages whichwould meet new hygiene and quality standards. We wanted cleanliness without relying on the need for daily sanitising while meeting or exceeding HACCP standards.  

The first step was to eliminate all the parts of a machine whereresidues traditionally built up. Out went mixer bowls, impellers,dispense hoses, spouts and steam extraction fans. No longercould residues of milk lie dormant in pipes or quantities of milkand sugar be blown about by fans. This meant that there areno longer places where products could go stale. At a stroke theneed for time consuming and costlysanitising was reduced dramatically  

If a machine is always spotless then everybodybenefits and the drink quality stays as good as the day themachine was installed.


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